Beechdean Babes take to the Water!!!

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Dorney Lake was the setting for the Olympics in 2012. this year it was the setting for High Wycombe Rotary Club’s Dragon Boat Race. On the day 11 Beechdean Babes took to the water with the sole aim of having some fun. funny how quickly you get competitive & start working out how to master your new craft!

The Beechdean Babes Crew consisted of: Ed Price, Mike Booth, Karen Murphy, Susie Howard, Steve Smith, Chris Ackerman, Andrew Howard, Al Oliverre, Lydia Ducker, Jez Wicks and our very nervous drummer Donna Heritage.
36 teams entered, so now it was a physiology game between the lake and the opposition. Could we conquer either???

10.30am: our first race – we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. we’d never paddled together before, no practice event, just straight in the dragon boat.

We put in a gallant effort coming in second with a not to shabby time of 64.2 seconds, which put us approx. half way down the leader board.

Our cox was brilliant, giving us some logical new moves and top tips which we tried out on our 2nd race.

Heat 2 – Unfortunately using our new high tempo paddling techniques, it soon become apparent it was carnage, our paddles clashing with our fellow paddlers at every stroke .. However we powered home in 2nd place again, ironically faster by 2 seconds …62.5 seconds!

Now we were 13th.We were feeling ready for our 3rd leg in the final heat. we were going to try out some new moves that would surely shave off a few seconds and secure a semi-final place in the top 8 . The whole crew were completely focused, you could have heard a pin drop through the concentration in the boat, this was our Olympic Race!!!

The starter’s voice is all we heard as the paddles soared through the water with power and synconisation we had never experienced before.. we crossed the line jubilant winners leaving the other teams in our wake…with a supersonic time of 58.2 seconds!!!

Unfortunately, although this was the 4th fastest time over the day of 120 races, the event  judges take your fastest two times, so it wasn’t enough to reward our efforts of vast improvement and we ended up 11th of the day.

Fantastic fun day out for all those who took part and a great charity event…Bring on next year!!!!

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July 3, 2014

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