Since 1989 Beechdean Dairies have been producing high quality Dairy Ice Cream which is supplied to a number of specialist retail outlets and high profile venues around the country, and are now one of the UK’s leading Ice Cream manufacturers.

Over the years Beechdean has added many regional brands of ice cream and sells a range of ice creams from value to the most indulgent products.

Andrew & Susie Howard are the co-founders of the business. They met at University when they were both studying Agricultural Science. Farming was in the blood for Susie as her family had been producing top quality milk for 30 years. After coming up with the business idea, they researched the market and attended a one day ice cream manufacturing course. It all made perfect sense considering their backgrounds, and in June 1989 the first Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream was produced.

Beechdean has continually invested in the production capabilities at the two sites and can now manufacture a staggering 10,000 litres of ice cream per hour. This makes the company the third largest ice cream manufacturer in the UK. Each site is purpose built to focus on key production lines. A long way from the first equipment in 1989 that made 24 litres per hour.

The company is going from strength to strength as they celebrate their 25th year in business, and are capable of producing in excess of 30 million litres.

Always known for its 100% commitment, Beechdean is proud of its Farmhouse Ice Cream range which is free from artificial colourings, flavourings or additives, suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free.

There will be an ice cream from the Beechdean Family that suits your needs so please contact us for more information.

We hope you enjoy our products.


The Girls

The girls (our Pedigree Jersey Cows) are our ‘Extended Family’. They are born and raised here and spend the whole of their lives on our farm.Of the 220 cows about 170 are being milked on a given day. Each cow has about six weeks off each year when she is not milked. (Her well earned rest period!)

To produce milk, each year a cow must first have a calf. Whilst at Beechdean one of our girls could have up to eight calves.

Cows are very curious about everything. Jerseys are the most inquisitive of them all.


The girls have calves all year round so there is always milk available for the ice cream.

The gestation period is 9 months.


The girls are milked twice a day at 5:30am and 3pm.We have Jersey Cows since they produce the creamiest milk possible – ideal for our ice cream.

The girls graze outside from late March to October.

When not eating fresh Chiltern grass, the girls are fed a specially mixed menu. This is done in a giant food mixer that makes 3 tonnes of feed at a time.


The girls live in special houses over the winter.Each house has special ventilation cubicles for each cow with mattresses, back scratches and special cleaning systems to keep the areas clean all the time.

The girls have sawdust on their beds over the winter which is changed twice a day.

Even as the cows get older they still love it when they can go back outside into the fields to graze each March. The heels being kicked up in excitement really is a sight to see!!

Beechdean supplies over 2000 retail stores around the UK.

Some of the Beechdean products will be near to you. To locate your nearest Beechdean stockist simply email with your postcode and we will locate the nearest store or outlet and email you back with the details.We hope you enjoy your Beechdean experience and look forward to hearing from you again.

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