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At Beechdean we always love to hear from our fans and this week the office was inundated with some lovely letters from the year one pupils of Greenway Primary School! The children of Greenway are currently studying Italy and hand in hand with the Mediterranean country of course comes ice cream! As part of their project, the children aged five and six were allowed to try a number of ice-creams and much to our delight chose Thayers as their favourite! The lovely letters were hand written by the children and included some hand drawn pics of the ice-creams they had tried, as well as some very kind words. “I liked your ice-cream, it was cold and it was creamy. It tasted yummy” said one pupil named Tyler. “I had four different ice-creams but I liked yours the most. It was brilliant” wrote the lovely Logan! We’ve even heard that the children are going to be making their own ice cream – we can’t wait to see the results!

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July 25, 2014

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